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Fish Oil

Available with us is an extensive variety of fish oil manufactured to rigorous standards of quality acceptable globally. Offered at competitive prices, the range of fish oil available with us can be customized in accordance with specific needs of our clients.

Our Assortment Fish Oil Encompasses

  • Crude Fish Oil
  • Refined Fish Oil
  • Sulphited Fish Oil
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • Squalene Oil
  • Cod Liver Oil

A Range of Fish Oil that is fully customizable to the requirements of our customers .

We offer a qualitative variety of crude fish oil, that is manufactured from the best quality raw materials. Offered in various varieties, our range is acknowledged for being pure, environment-friendly and safe to use. Hygienically processed and packed, our crude fish oil is amongst our highest selling products in the international market.


Fish oil is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acid which is essential to a healthy body and mind. Fish oil is highly refined, long-chain omega-3 specifically formulated as a food ingredient. It has a perfect balance of EPA and DHA which provides health benefits.

Packing : 200ltr HDPE Barrel/ Flexi Bag

Parameters Specifications
Product Sardine Crude Fish Oil
Color Brownish
% of Fats & Oil 99%
Iodine Value 140% Min
F.F.A 3%-5% Max
Moisture & Impurities 1%(max)
Omega-3 Content 23% Min


Refined Fish Oil has an important application in Leather Chemical Industry. Crude Fish Oil has an undesirable substance present in varying amounts. These are removed by refining or processing to increase its usefulness as a starting material for the manufacture of industrial products.


Sulphited Fish Oil is made from cold filtered, deodorized fish oil. Sulphited fish oil has an important application in the leather tanning industry. It is used to lubricate animal hides to make it soft. It can be used alone or with other anionic fact liquors in the fatliquoring process. Due to its good compatibility with other synthetic /vegetable fat liquor, it can also be used for making various types of fish oil-based fat liquors according to customer requirements.


Omega-3 fish oil supply comes from deep ocean waters, not farm-raised fish. State-of-the-art purification processes remove mercury and ensure high levels of fish oil purity and concentration, guaranteed to pass the stringent standards of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 Voluntary Monograph.

Omega-3 fish oil provides omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which help support a healthy heart. Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Treat rheumatoid arthritis: joint stiffness and swelling caused by this painful condition may lessen because of the inflammation-fighting actions of omega-3s. Control diabetes: nerve problems and heart disease are complications of this chronic condition. Omega-3 Fish oils may help by preventing nerve damage and possibly raising hdl (“good”) cholesterol. Ease symptoms of lupus, psoriasis and eczema: in people with lupus, omega-3s appear to control inflammation in the joints, skin, kidneys, and other body tissues. Minimize crohn’s disease symptoms: when taken long term for preventive purposes, the essential fatty acids in fish oils will keep inflammation in the digestive tract under control. Delay the onset of raynaud’s disease symptoms: omega-3s inhibit inflammation within vessels, making fish oils potentially useful in stalling the numbness, tingling, and other symptoms resulting from exposure to cold air.

It Has Varied Application In Curing

• Cancer
• Cardio Vascular Disease
• Inflammation
• Developmental Disorders
• Mental Health
• Cognitive Aging


Squalene is most commonly sourced from shark liver oil, though it can be obtained from many other sources. Squalene is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that helps the body absorb cholesterol. It can also be transformed in our bodies into HDL cholesterol, which helps lower the levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol. It also can help generate oxygen in your body, which can have a purifying effect on the blood. It does this through a chemical reaction where oxygen is released from water molecules. Having more oxygen in your body also increases your metabolism.It has many health benefits including regulating immune response, antioxidant effects, absorption of vitamins and cholesterol, chemo-preventive properties, reducing the damage from chemotherapy, anti radioactive properties, skin health, and cell health.


Cod liver oil is the oil extracted from the livers of Atlantic cod. It is commonly taken as a dietary supplement and is packed full of nutrients. It is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), and it contains relatively high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D.